The Destination E-town Loan Fund is exclusively available to EACC members and is designed to help family businesses, social enterprises and small-to-mid-size businesses strengthen their businesses, and attract and retain employees and businesses to Elizabethtown.

As part of a continued investment in economic development, the EACC partnered with the Elizabethtown Area Library and Elizabethtown College to submit a grant request to the Lancaster County Community Foundation’s BB&T Economic Growth Fund program. Our project, “Destination Etown, ” was selected to receive funding designed to stimulate economic growth in the Elizabethtown Area.

The grant is designed to help strengthen family businesses, social enterprises and small-to-mid-size companies. This is an excellent opportunity for our members who are eligible to apply for revolving loan funds; engage with the Elizabethtown College Social Enterprise Institute and High Family Business Center in facilitated peer groups and best practices programming; and create business development projects and studies that engage College students and faculty.


  • Interest rate of *Prime minus 1*, fixed rate at the time of signing, set by using WSJ prime numbers.
  • Individual loan amount up to $7,000
  • Grow or sustain your business with:
    • Purchase of furniture or fixtures
    • Purchase of machinery or equipment
    • Operational expenses
    • Employee recruitment
    • Renovations of buildings
    • Working capital
    • Purchase of inventory or supplies
  • Easy credit check process


Not an EACC member? You can apply too if you join!

Destination E-town Loan Fund Guidelines