Carini Pizza is the latest offering from the owners of P&J’s and Sal’s. Elizabethtown’s newest authentic Italian restaurant opened January 21st, 2020 and the menu is stocked with traditional favorites and some new options – all inspired by the Bellia family’s hometown cuisine near the Sicilian coast in Carini, Italy.

Francesco (Frank) and Anna Bellia left their Italian hometown in 1978 in search of the American Dream. As the Bellia family established roots in Pennsylvania and welcomed four sons, Frank continued working hard to achieve his dream of becoming a business owner. He began his restaurant business career in Bainbridge at Two Cousins (now known as Little Italy), followed by the acquisition of P&J Pizza. The Bellia sons were involved in the family business from the beginning. 

“Right after school, I was in the pizza business,” Sal Bellia said. 

And that entrepreneurial spirit flourished as Sal worked with his dad to open a second restaurant, Sal’s Pizza. Like the new life they’d built from the ground up in America, the Bellia’s were proud to buy the land and build Sal’s brick by brick.

Quality is an important ingredient in the Bellia family restaurants. And their Italian heritage is evident in authentic Sicilian-inspired fare. Their restaurants quickly became Elizabethtown favorites, widely known for their homemade bread from a secret family recipe.

Elizabethtown resident, Shannon Carlise, is a long-time loyal customer of Sal’s Pizza. 

“We go to Sal’s every Friday. And if you ask our kids where they want to go for their birthday dinner, they don’t pick anywhere else but Sal’s!”

Shannon raves about the customer service provided by the hardworking family and staff. “I wouldn’t go anywhere else, except for maybe Carini’s,” she said with a laugh. 

In addition to providing quality Italian food, Sal Bellia is known for the way he gives back to the community. He regularly donates food to Elizabethtown Mennonite Church’s Free Lunch in the Park summer series and entertains children with his pizza making demonstrations. 

Sal was the driving force behind launching Carini Pizza, from the strategic site selection to the building design, complete with a carefully crafted and stylish interior.

Located in the completely renovated and transformed space on Turnpike Road (formerly “The Den ”), Sal saw a great opportunity to serve the other side of Elizabethtown. He is hopeful Carini Pizza will become a local hometown favorite, inspired by their family hometown an ocean away. 

“It all started with what my father taught me,” Sal says. “Carini Pizza is open for business.”

Carini Pizza is located at 1075 Turnpike Road in Elizabethtown and is open Tuesday – Sunday. For complete operating hours, visit their Facebook Page.