PCI Health Insurance Program

From the first conversation to the results you're counting on, Pennsylvania Chamber Insurance, PCI simplifies the complexity of navigating benefits for businesses, employees and individuals. Offering an expansive selection of insurance options including a complete menu of healthcare plans, specialty coverage and administrative services, PCI offers you benefits solutions.

Electricity Savings Program
Affiliated Power Purchasers International, APPI Energy, provides energy procurement and management services to more than 2,300 diverse clients of all sizes, including commercial and industrial businesses, government/educational entities, and nonprofits. APPI Energy Powerful Solutions Will Help You:

*  Navigate the maze of electricity and natural gas deregulation by analyzing, negotiating, contracting, and managing critical components of electricity and natural gas supply;
*  Negotiate favorable “real time” pricing and contract terms and conditions in electricity and natural gas supply contracts;
*  By providing a process with minimal time commitment and no upfront cost from you.

Free Meeting Space 
One of the advantages of our current location, at the Elizabethtown Train Station, is that we have a meeting space that can sit comfortably up to 8 people. As part of your membership investment, this resource is available to you at no cost. Depending on availability and within a first come-first serve basis, you may reserve this meeting space with at least 48 hours in advance for your business use only.

For more information about any of these programs, please contact us at or at (717) 361-7188.